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Voyage du livre : une industrie créative enracinée


The Foundation's library has set a range of services in view of providing its readers with the most suitable conditions to conduct their research and consult the collections.

Bibliographical Research and Web Browsing

Bibliographical ResearchAround 100 computers are put at the disposal of the adherents in the reading rooms. They can use them for free to check the Foundation’s online catalog or simply to browse the Net.




Does the Foundation provide a photocopy service?

Yes, provided the copyrights law is respected.

Is it possible to photocopy a whole publication?

No, only part of it.

Are there any special terms for users coming from other cities or countries?

Yes, they can get their photocopies on the same day provided the order is placed beforehand. For requests concerning a large number of pages, the Foundation takes care of sending them to the requesting parties, at their own expense.

Is it possible to photocopy a manuscript?

Yes, provided you present a letter from the head of your institution certifying that you need to work on the document in question. The Foundation can accept this request only if the condition of the manuscript allows xeroxing it.

Disabled Readers

Disabled ReadersThe Foundation strives to provide its readers, especially the disabled ones, with the most convenient conditions to access information and documents.

A computer is made available at the ground floor of building -B- specially for this category of readers. The Foundation has also arranged at the reading room in the first floor of building -A- a unit for blind or partially sighted readers where they can browse the Net and make bibliographical research thanks to Windows’ speech synthesis software, JAWS, installed on Focus 40/80, a product made by Freedom Scientific. This unit is also equipped with a magnifying glass and a Braille printer.
The Foundation’s staff remains at the disposal of these readers to assist them if need be and relies on them to report any obstacle that hinders their research.

Guided Tours

Guided ToursThe Foundation organizes guided tours for cultural associations and school groups.
Theses tours are meant to closely discover the premises of the Foundation, the collections of its library and its cultural activities. They also aim at acquainting the visitors, especially young ones, with reading spaces and encouraging them to get a fair picture of the book.
To take advantage of these tours, the interested party will need to send an application letter to the Foundation mentioning the nature of its activities, the suggested number of visitors and the suggested time of the visit. The Foundation will reply to confirm the time of the visit or to postpone it.

Customized Bibliographies

Thanks to this service, private individuals or organisms (libraries, private or public institutions, firms, ministries…) can request for bibliographical data, through mail, fax, phone or e-mail. The Foundation takes the responsibility to send them the bibliographical listings at their expense.

Interlibrary Exchange

The Foundation provides this service with a number of cultural and scientific institutions, namely, King Abdul-Aziz Public Library - Riyad, The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco and the National Library of France. This service consists in fetching books, university theses and research papers which do not exist among the collections of the Foundation’s library and which are needed by the adherents. The borrowing coasts are at the adherent’s expense.


The Foundation has arranged a cafeteria at the ground floor of building -B- and has outsourced catering to a private caterer. 
Salads, dishes, sandwiches, paninis, hot and cool drinks are dished out there.

We count on your remarks and suggestions to help us ameliorate the quality of our services.