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Les Sciences humaines et sociales à l'épreuve du football


In addition to King Abdul-Aziz Al Saoud's Mosque, the guesthouse and some flats, the complex bearing the same name and serving as the Foundation's headquarters includes the following buildings:

Building -B-

Building -B-, through which the visitor gets to the Foundation’s premises, is situated between buildings -A- and -C-.
When they get through the main entrance of the Foundation, visitors can inquire for the enrolment procedure or whatever at the Reception Desk (on the right side). Then, they will need to head toward the left-luggage lockers, leave their luggage and reader card there and receive an entrance code in return. It is forbidden to take one’s bag or external books to the reading rooms, but it is possible to take one’s notebooks and laptop. 
On the right side of the left-luggage lockers, the card-carrying member finds a cafeteria serving varied drinks and food. In the ground floor, there is also a spacious hall where the Foundation’s publications are exhibited. The member can make use of the computers provided there for bibliographical research.
So as to get to the first floor, the member can either use the stairs or the lift, but needs to pay attention to a floor in between (00) set aside for the Cataloging, Indexation and Classification Department. The first floor is a footbridge linking up Building -A- (furthest right side) and Building -C- (furthest left side) and giving onto the ground floor. Some samples of the library’s precious manuscripts and rare documents are displayed in the showcases put at both sides of the footbridge. In this floor, there is also a storeroom the access to which is denied to the members.
The second floor is devoted to the administrative staff offices.


Building -A-

This building’s entrance is on the right side of the Foundation’s main entrance. The ground floor hosts an auditorium with a seating capacity of 335, a conference room and a room for the reception of lecturers.

The first floor is dedicated to a reading room for readers seeking books in Law, Economics, Firm Management and Political Sciences. Books in Social Sciences, Education Sciences, History, and Geography are classified in the second floor reading room. It is noteworthy that access to these two reading rooms is denied from Building A’s entrance; the adherent needs to get there from Building B’s entrance.



Building -C-

When the adherent gets to Building C’s first floor through Building B’s first floor, he finds on his right the periodicals room. The librarian there is in charge of fetching the periodical needed by the adherent once this latter has filled in a form for this purpose and submitted an identity paper. On his left, there is a magazine area where he can read the latest issues of some magazines and newspapers.

At the back, there is a reading room devoted to books on Islam and Other Religions, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics and Literature. The hall is large enough to host many bookshelves designed for general books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and indexes, in addition to a reading area. This building also contains a large mosque which can be admired through the windows fixed up at the middle of the first floor.

  • Signboards are put everywhere in order to guide the visitor.
  • There is a xeroxing office in each reading room.
  • There are computers in each reading room for bibliographical and Internet research
  • There are restrooms in Building -A- and -B- ground floors and in Building -B- first floor.
  • The main entrance and reading rooms entrances are equipped with alarms reporting any attempt at taking out documents as well as cameras.