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معرض المحاضرات الشهر ية : مراجعة تاريخ الفلسفة في السياقات الإسلامية انطلاقا من أثر ابن رشد حاضرا وماضيا
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Program of Support to Young Researchers

Scientific Activities and Editing

Support Program for Young Researchers
in the Fields of Human and Social Sciences 2010

As part of its efforts aiming to encouraging scientific research on the Maghreb in particular and the Muslim West in general (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, the Andalusian Studies and the Arab Muslim culture in West Africa …), the Foundation has launched in 2008 a program to support to researchers and publish their academic works.

Out of the 62 application of the year 2009, two theses were retained:

La main et le pétrin : alimentation céréalière et pratiques culinaires
dans l’Occident musulman au Moyen Age 
/ Mohammed Oubahli

المخزن المغربي في العصر الحديث: أحمد المنصور والمولى إسماعيل نموذجا دراسة ، لمؤلفها السيد محمد جادور.

Application Requirements for 2010

  • Applicants should send their works to the Foundation along with their application letters, their resumes and a certified copy of their diploma or their certificate of defence and approval of their academic work. The work must have been submitted as a PhD thesis or equivalent and must have been defended during the last five years.
  • The field of research must cover, partially or totally, to the present and/or the past of the Maghrebian region.
  • Works to be selected include only those fulfillet in the fields of Human and Social Sciences (Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Education Sciences, Sociology, Anthropology, History of Art, Linguistics and Literature, Economics, Law, History and Geography, Political Sciences…)
  • Accepted research works may be written in Arabic, French, English or Spanish.
  • The academic research works meeting the above-mentioned requirements will be selected regardless of the candidate’s nationality and the university or the institution where the work was conducted.
  • Application for the current year will take place between October 1st to December 31st, 2010.

Selection Procedure of the Research Works

  • A comity made up of professors carries out a preliminary selection among the suggested works.
  • The selected works are subjected to the scientific evaluation of specialized professors.
  • The names of the winners and the titles of their works are proclaimed at the end of March 2011.
  • The winners receive a cash prize of DH 40 000 or equivalent in Euro (for foreigners) in addition to 50 copies of their works which will be published in the collection "abhath" by the Foundation.