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معرض المحاضرات الشهر ية : مراجعة تاريخ الفلسفة في السياقات الإسلامية انطلاقا من أثر ابن رشد حاضرا وماضيا
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King Abdul Aziz Al Saoud Foundation’s library is open to researchers, professors, university students and professional officials working at the public or private sectors. To access the Foundation library’s collections and services, one only needs to get the Reader’s Card by submitting a file at the Reception Desk containing the following elements:

  • One I. D. photograph (small size);
  • One I. D. card photocopy;
  • One photocopy of the Student’s Card or the most recent diploma for university students;
  • Work certificate for professional officials;
  • Duly filled out registration application obtained at the Foundation's Reception Desk; (Download the form)
  • Stamped envelope bearing the researcher's address (for those who to get their Reader's Card by mail).
  • 100 dh for Library Card Fees.

In case of loss or damage, it will be renewed upon a payment of 200 dh.