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Voyage du livre : une industrie créative enracinée

Applicable rules regarding copy services


The administration of the Foundation informs its users that the rules applicable to reproduction service are as follow:

  1. Users can get the reproduction of parts of any book or journal, provided that it does not exceed ¼ of the document and that these photocopies are for personal, scientific, academic, or pedagogic purposes. This in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of law 2-00 on « copyright and related rights ».
  2. The price set by the reproduction service is 50 cents per page.
  3. Reproduction orders are processed chronologically according to the rule: first come, first served.
  4. orders placed after 4pm are withdrawn the next day.
  5. The reproduction service fees are paid when placing the order.
  6. It is forbidden to photocopy unpublished theses without the permission of their authors, as well as manuscripts and rare documents that cannot support manual manipulations.
  7. Orders of microform reproduction (micro-files and micro-films) must be placed at the reception department located in the entrance of the library.
  8. It is necessary to fill in the form of reproduction request.
  9. Please contact the administration of the Foundation in case of any misunderstanding with the photocopy agent or any violation of rules mentioned above.