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››› Library Regulations

The Foundation Library strives for the development of research in social and human sciences. So, the library makes available the necessary sources and offers proper conditions for research. In order to make use of these sources in good conditions, any person attending the library must comply with the following rules:

  1. All library items and materials are made available to all users; and must be preserved.    
  2. The library is equipped with detection systems so as to ensure that items are not moved off from the reading rooms or voluntarily deteriorated. Any such act will lead to a permanent withdrawal of the membership card. Moreover, the Foundation reserves the right to sue anyone who attempts to steal or damage library items or materials.
  3. The library does not provide any borrowing of items. However, it allows the users to photocopy the items in question; yet, they must comply with the relevant legislation concerning intellectual property rights and copyright. Photocopying, being managed by a third party company, is available in all reading areas. Manuscripts, theses dissertations and all other items in a fragile physical state are not allowed for photocopy.
  4. Personal belongings such as books, periodicals, briefcases or bags of any kind are not allowed to the reading areas. Users are required to make use the consignment office.
  5. Users are required not to return books to the shelves after consulting them.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the library.
  7. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in reading areas.
  8. Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in reading areas.
  9. Users are required to maintain quietness and serenity in reading areas to avoid disturbance to the other users.
  10. All services are free of charges except for printing material, photocopying and other services, the costs of which have already been fixed by the administrative services.
  11. The membership card is acquired free of any charges. However, in case of loss or damage, it will be renewed upon a payment of DH 100.
  12.  The membership card is delivered only for personal use. No other person than to whom it was granted can make use of it.
Any violation or misconduct of the above regulations leads to a permanent withdrawal of the membership card.